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Travelling to the JLBP

May 28, 2021 - It is going to be a busy opening day and a beautiful weekend to check out the park. In anticipation of having a good number of people attending, we have some important information related to getting to the park, following Covid-19 guidelines, and managing vehicle parking:

  • Ride....don't drive. The best way to get around in the Greater Victoria Area is to ride your bike, especially to the Jordie Lunn Bike Park. The park can be easily accessed from the Galloping Goose and the former Great Trail.

  • Travel restrictions for non-essential travel in B.C. are still in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. Stay local and do not travel outside of your travel region.

  • Monitor your Health as per guidelines from the BCCDC: Monitor your health before, during and after travelling. Stay home and do not travel if you develop symptoms of COVID-19. If you, or anyone in your travelling group, develops symptoms while travelling, self-isolate and stay away from others. Contact your health care provider, dial 8-1-1 or use the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool to help you find out if you need further assessment or to be tested for COVID-19.

  • At the Park, give you and others space. 2 Metres is what we recommend.

  • Carpool as per guidelines from the BCCDC. Do you need to carpool or take a rideshare? Try to travel with people within your household bubble. When travelling with people outside of your household: Spread out as much as possible. Wear a mask over your nose and mouth. Travel with the same people each time

  • Park only in designate parking areas at the park. There are 3 main parking lots at the Jordie Lunn Bike Park: Irwin Road Main Lot, Creekside West Lot, and Westhills Arena Overflow Lot. Do not park on Irwin road or on adjacent residential roads as you risk having your vehicle ticketed and towed at your expense. See parking map below:

As always, Be Kind....Be Calm....and Be Safe.

- The Jordie Lunn Bike Park Team.

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Luna See
Luna See

Ugh. What a stupid place to put a bike park. Could Langford be any poorer run? Jesus. I think I'll vote for the angry crank next time. Can't be worse than Young.

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